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The Dynamic Life of AMPA Receptors

3D Technology Animations and Motion Pictures
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Dr Daniel Choquet, Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, Bordeaux

This animation movie explores the electrical and molecular mechanisms of a key structure in neuronal communication: the glutamatergic synapse.

The Choquet Lab combines neuroscience, physics and chemistry in order to unravel the role of molecular complexes in synaptic transmission. In this precision animation, we represented the complex dynamics of AMPA receptors at the level of a single synapse.

This review of synaptic physiology brings to the screen the graceful ballet enlivening a range of biological elements such as molecules, ions, cell membranes and electrical activity.
In each project, We are determined to be scientificaly accurate as per the latest discovery in any research field. Here great detail has been put into molecular interactions with devout respect for geometry, stoichiometry and kinetics.

Client testimonial: 
SciLight did a fantastic job at putting in motion our results and concepts on the role of neurotransmitter dynamic in synaptic plasticity. The truly unique combination of their technical expertise in animation and scientific knowledge in neuroscience was the winning recipe for quick and accurate representation of my ideas. In a snap they could grab my ideas and then use their technical expertise to translate it into a beautiful animated cartoon that receives much success in conferences. Thanks SciLight, carry on !